Homer loves Catholics

Last Sunday, Liam Neeson guest starred in a pretty funny new episode of the Simpsons that went out on US TV (expect to see it on Sky during the summer). Neeson played an Irish priest who encouraged Homer and Bart to turn Catholic, leading to outrage among the local community. During the show, Homer says the immortal line..

“Catholics Rule! We’ve got Boston, South America and the good part of Ireland”!

It’s all pretty tounge-in-cheek, but I’m looking forward to the inevitable outrage (people regularly take the Simpsons too seriously).Another classic moment sees a dream sequence where Marge ends up in Protestant heaven (featuring lots of posh people in polo shirts playing badminton) while Homer’s living it up in Catholic heaven (which is basically a massive Irish bar, where half the punters are Riverdancing and the other half are fighting).