Conor Lenihan – self skewered

Richard Delevan at his more regular haunt has an excellent round-up of the coverage of Conor Lenihan’s outburst in the Dail, noting the response by blogs in particular. He suggests that “Conor ‘Fredo’ Lenihan is low-hanging fruit for a blog swarm” and marks previous comments and decisions by Conor Lenihan that would embarrass even the most brass-necked politico.. worth reading. And I’ll just note the Irish Times cartoon by Martyn Turner – Just in.. Self Skewered Conor Lenihan Update again Taoiseach Bertie Ahern says Move along, move along.. nothing to see here!.. claiming that Conor Lenihan’s ‘apology’ (which as Richard pointed out was nothing of the sort) was sufficient and Dermot Ahern claimed that the Minister of State at the Department of Foreign Affairs was “contrite”.. isn’t Conor allowed to speak to the media?