Keep it coming!

Someone remarked last night that my little cartoon gif still doesn’t look happy, even though we are over half way to our target of £1000 for one week’s coverage. Well, I reckon there’s only one way to change that, and that’s to shave off his trademark goatee. So if we pass the target, off it comes. And I have permission from my nearest and dearest to follow suit! So to the fifteen people who’ve tipped us to the tune of £527 – many, many thanks. To the rest of you: what are you waiting for!?

  • Katie

    I don’t htink it’s the beard so much as the eyebrows — they just say “angry man” 😉

  • S.O.S.

    There is something about the glare off those specs too — a hint of Russian revolutionary circa 1917, perhaps? Still, will donate later today. Honest.

  • Tom

    I think the money should go towards political master classes -given some of the comments this week.

  • Glyn

    400 more quid to see a naked Fealty – sounds a bargain?

  • MIck

    Naked chin. It’ll be worth it to slough off the Trotski imputation! But, I promise, I’ll go no further!

  • queens_unionist

    “400 more quid to see a naked Fealty – sounds a bargain?”

    please tell me its the cartoon, and not the real flesh! 🙁

  • queens_unionist

    i see 952 and no suggestin of a smile…Its a con!!