Slugger live blogging appeal!!

It’s just under a week since we started our reader appeal, so we can bring you live blogging coverage of the Westminster election. We’ve had a great start. The total as it stands is £350, donated in various amounts from just eleven people!Having a blogger on the ground means that we reach the parts of the election others cannot reach. We’d like to kick off our coverage with a press panel from across the political spectrum to discuss issues and individual party prospects in the election the week before the poll.

We’ll cover a number of key battleground states – Foyle and Upper Bann at the very least. We’ll meet and talk with candidates. Take soundings from various groups of constituents. There may also be an opportunity for readers to formulate questions for politicians the best of which we’ll try to raise at party press conferences.

When it comes to polling day, we can bring you coverage how the party’s are doing, how the polls are going in various constituencies. And on Friday and Saturday we’ll bring you news on the Westminster results and the victory speeches.

However, time is running out. £350 from eleven people is an impressive start. But it’s not enough to book the flights. A minimum of £800 and we can go ahead. A shortfall will mean all donations will be returned.

Whether it happens, or not, the decision is yours. You can make a donation through the paypal button on the side. If you have an account already it’s relatively easy. If not, you may prefer to send a cheque to Slugger Central.

If you’re a blogger, you can help like Richard, Tom and Hugh already have by hosting an advert for our appeal! Just drop me a line and I can send you the code.

So, if you enjoy our work, get value from it, are excited at the prospect of getting real world blogging experience from Slugger, then (cue Geldof moment), don’t just sit there lapping it all up: give us your [email protected]+*ing money!