Hands across the water

After a week in which relations became somewhat strained between Sinn Fein and some of its erstwhile friends in the US, how timely it is that Daily Ireland offers the party’s most prominent non-member an opportunity to let the healing begin.

  • SlugFest

    What Kennedy did that summer is grotesque. That Irish Americans still cling to the so-called ‘Kennedy Mystique’ is unfathomable to me, though i think that’s due to a need to cling to the ol’ sod coupled with a need to revere anything close to American royalty. Sad, either way.

    That said, for Morrison, who, along with Adams, sat at Kennedy’s lap for countless years, greedily chewing on any bone Kennedy threw at them and all the while smiling pretty for any and all photo ops, to now bring up Chappaquidick (sp?) is laughable and extremely hypocrytical.

    I’m left searching, wondering how someone like Morrison, who’s fiction is so very, very awful, has such talent at spinning weaves … and the media.

    If only SF could retire it’s present leaders (whether Morrison’s an official SFer or not), I think SF supporters as well as NI as a whole (yes, I did say ‘whole’) would be much better off.

  • Davros

    How amusing – when teddy was “on message” any mention of Chappaquiddick was deemed an outrageous slur and typical Unionist muck-raking 😉

  • Ireland Today

    Nuts across the water more like.

    This is as good as an admission of Sein Fein/IRAÂ’s guilt by their chief propagandist, Morrison.

    The world has known all about Chappaquiddick for over 35 years. Hundreds of books have been written about it.

    Now Morrison uses it to “justify” what Sinn Fein/IRA did after McCartney’s murder. Yes there are similarities. That’s the point. And this guy is their best cover story writer? Then they are in serious trouble.

    At least the nutty Jesuit priest Father McManus had that right. He attacked John McCain not Kennedy. Because that’s where the threat will come from. McCain has the full support of the White House and the DoD.

    McManus condemned John McCain for having “participated in the totally unjust and indefensible Vietnam War, in which thousands of innocent Vietnamese civilians were slaughtered”.

    Attacking the most revered ex-POW in America is like attacking Bobby Sands as a common criminal in West Belfast. Yes McManus, that will win friends for Sinn Fein/IRA around DC.

    With friends like Morrison going out of his way to bring up Chappaquiddick in order to infuriate the very powerful Kennedy family and a priestly nutter like McManus praying for and wishing “poor demonised Adams’ Godspeed, Adams does not need enemies “in his work to bring justice, equality, nonviolence and peace to Ireland.” And then for an encore he insults all the rest of us Irish-Americans by saying “I know I echo the opinion of the vast majority of Irish Americans.” Yuk.

    It is so nice to have a nutter priest praying for our fearless leader (with Lenin-like worship) and echoing the opinion of us poor ignorant Irish Americans, his political flock it seems.

    Jeez. Rasputin was a decent sort of chap compared to this nutter we have “representing” us Irish-Americans in our nation’s Capital, un-elected by anybody but himself. Maybe, like Rasputin, his power comes from a higher source. Both he and Rasputin certainly have that delusion in common.

    ItÂ’s time somebody wrote to the Provincial of the Jesuit Order about this guy. And it’s time SF retired Morrison.

  • Davros

    I.T, AFAIK MacManus is on sabbatical or the equivalent so that he can be fully involved in politics.

  • GavBelfast

    Republican apologists have all but thrown in the towel with this sort of material.

    Doubtless, Daily Ireland fanatics will have lapped-up every bit of it.

  • Jimmy Sands

    If the Clinton’s give any backchat, Danny’s next column is going to be a treat.

  • Ireland Today

    Yes, JS;

    Billyboy is about the only American they haven’t attacked yet. Morrison is probably writing it right now. I wonder if he will bring up about Monica’s blue dress.

  • Ireland Today

    I was going to write “now that would make a splash” but I was afraid of getting pulled. Oh what the hell.

  • DXI

    “How amusing – when teddy was “on message” any mention of Chappaquiddick was deemed an outrageous slur and typical Unionist muck-raking”

    Indeed Mr Davros. SF’s greatest shame is their consorting with American Imperialists. I hope they are learning a valuable lesson. Time to abandon the Pantagonian anti-Eu policy and push for the arming of China.

    I never could understand how the Irsih freedom Fighters were on the same team as Maggie Thatcher on EU matters.

  • Davros

    DXI – the DUP and SF stand together on a lot of issues !

  • Anna

    That’s abit choice from Morrison isn’t it.Does he think we’ve all forgotten what he was in prison for?

  • Pat Mc Larnon


    “How amusing – when teddy was “on message” any mention of Chappaquiddick was deemed an outrageous slur and typical Unionist muck-raking”

    When was Teddy ‘on message’ and could anyone provide an example of a mention of Chappaquiddick being deemed an outrageous slur and typical unionist muck-racking.
    Or in reality is that simply an invented position in which to attack the Morrison article.

    Just thinking out loud Davros, I don’t expect you to provide an example. You have a reputation lately of sounding off, but when challenged can’t provide the evidence.

  • DessertSpoon

    “…a cover-up, the destruction of evidence, contempt for the law and failure to fully cooperate with police…”

    So it was Ted who taught them all they know!

  • twinkilcooleywithcoxsdemesne

    The discrediting of individuals on the basis of things that they have done in the past, is an alley that Republicans should perhaps not be going down. (Although of course, as we know, they themselves believe that they have never actually done anything wrong.)

    However, it is notable of late, that every time the Provisional Republican Movement is cornered, they immediately attempt to smear those that have put them there, or, else they state that there is somebody else that has done something just as bad as they have.

    Regardless, it is good to see a man like Morrison, who spent so much of his former years blurring the lines between fact and fiction, adhere so strictly to the historical record (but whose record Danny?)!

    Although, of course, one is entitled to ask why such history lessons were not forthcoming in the past, when it suited the Republican publicity machine to have Gerry being feted by Kennedy.

    A case of sour grapes intermingled with the psychology of the kindergarten.

    And by the way Danny, could you please tell us the name of somebody who would, in your eyes, be fit to lecture the RM – and is your useage of the word “lecture” an unconscious admission of some guilt?

  • Anna

    History books tell tales.This time Danny Morrison would have been wise to keep his mouth shut.

  • Jimmy Sands


    Man not ball? What did you think of Danny’s article?

  • Jacko

    Yes, Pat Mc Larnon, what did you think of Danny Boy’s article?
    Or has no-one told you yet?

    A convicted kidnapper and torturer has some cheek raking over the embers of anybody’s past, eh Pat.