‘Seized money was from Northern heist’…

BERTIE Ahern has said that the money seized by Gardai in Cork and Dublin last month is linked to the Northern Bank robbery. The Taoiseach told Hearts & Minds: “Before I went to the United States, the position of the gardai (was) that they had done an enormous amount of forensic tests. But they are quite satisfied – professionally, absolutely and totally satisfied – as I understand it, that that money was part of the haul from the north.” Looks like there was something in my hunch based on Adams’ statement the other day after all..!Adams had told a US audience on March 14:

Well, the garda may be finding lots of money, and fair play to them. But there’s no connection back between that money thus far-thus far. Now we could wake up tomorrow morning and there could be the evidence. But thus far there is none.

‘Thus far’… looks like that forensic evidence is there now though.

But if this subtle hint by Adams indicated prior knowledge of events, it makes you wonder where he got his information from.