See no, hear no, speak no…

Party election candidates Cora Groogan and Deirdre Hargey, along with former Belfast councillor Sean Hayes and one other unidentified witness have given statements to the Police Ombudsman. All are understood to have stated that they “saw no fighting in the bar, with sources confirming they have little evidential value to the police investigation”.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    “They saw no fighting in the bars”?

    I do believe they are lying through their teeth!

  • dave86

    Wheeee! No matter how many times I hear it, it still makes me chuckle how three IRA chaps were “expelled” for involvement with the murder. How in hell do you get chucked out of a terrorist group for killing someone? I love my wee country.

  • spirit-level

    If I were the McCartneys I would organise a meeting in the local church hall and ask all those who were in the ppub that night to come.
    Then I would see how may turned up.
    Then I could walk with dignity down the street
    and be above the cowards who failed to appear.

  • ricardo

    I’ve been in a few bars when trouble broke out. The notion that you could be in a bar the size of Maginnis’, a fight breaks out and you see NOTHING would be laughable if it wasn’t so depressing.

    In my experience – fights in bars tend to attract attention. People look in that direction. If Hargey and Groogan did see something, and I believe that they must have, what now is their reson for not disclosing thaty to the police? It has shades of Martin McG’s ‘IRA code of honour’ about it. Disappointing, but not surprising.