Lords backs student top-up fees…

YET more bad news for students (or more probably, their parents), with the House of Lords backing ‘top-up’ fees for students in Northern Ireland. Lord Glentoran said: “Northern Ireland should have its own right and time to make its own decisions on top-up fees.”

Conservative spokesman Lord Glentoran continued: “It is proven when a government with a majority of 200 in the Commons could only get its legislation with a majority of five, supported by Scottish MPs to whom it didn’t apply. I believe that it would be wrong of this government, it would be overbearing and arrogant for Mr Gardiner MP (Barry Gardiner, Northern Ireland Under Secretary) to say we are going to enforce this on Northern Ireland now come what may.”

All this comes after an apology from a senior MP to the people of Northern Ireland after 44 Labour MPs voted in support of tuition fees for students here. Last year, they all voted against the introduction of these fees in England.

More of this and unionists might start developing a republican streak.

(I think the debate will probably be here tomorrow. Let me know if the link needs changing later.)