Angry of Chancery Lane

Just as it seemed to be going so well, could the British once more be on the verge of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory? Opposition to the Inquiries Bill has been growing and not just from the usual suspects. Today the US and Irish governments were joined by much of the sensible end of the human rights lobby.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Welcome aboard Jimmy.

  • DerryTerry

    Didn’t take long for a thread to be posted highlighting the hypocrisy of the British Government. On the one hand demanding truth and justice for the McCartney family, on the other hand introducing the legislation that will prevent the Finucane family getting the same.

  • fair_deal

    Can someone clarify this for me please (for any lawyers out there no I won’t pay a fee).

    Most of the coverage on this issue has been about the Finucane case. However, having read this its seems it will apply to all the inquiries. Which is it?

  • Fairybadmother

    It’s all Inquiries. The Bill abolishes the Tribunals of Inquiry 1921 Act and grants wide powers to Ministers to establish and control inquiries.

    But it’s driven by the spookery that has resisted the truth about the Finucane et al cases emerging for years. And the battle during the Bloody Sunday Inquiry over disclosure of witnesses and documents. This government wants to do away with the inconvenience of having their national security claims tested in courts.

  • fair_deal

    Thanks fairybadmother.

  • mnob

    Are we victims of our own self importance ?

    Surely this bill will be used to aid all sorts of
    shennanigans. If there is an inquiry into WMD and Iraq for example will this legislation be brough to bear ? If all the discussion in relation to this bill is about Ireland then is it a distraction from the real target ?

  • Tom Griffin

    The Finucane case is a fairly big target in its own right. It’s quite telling that all the other Cory inquiries were allowed to go ahead under the 1921 legislation. Having said that, as I understand it, they could be changed to inquiries under the new act once it comes into force.