Irish Bahamian Ferries?

As talks between Irish Ferries and trade unions continue, a new row has blown up over Irish Ferries’ decision to re-register one of its vessels under a Flag of Convenience.

Accoring to one report Irish Ferries are claiming the decision is a commercial one, The company claimed the cost-cutting measure was necessary to help it compete with rival ferry firms and low-cost airlines, but the union says it has serious implications for employees placing them outside the jurisdiction of EU and Irish laws protecting workers’ rights.

The company haven’t exactly explained how this will assist them in cutting costs

  • Davros

    The Irish Indepencdent today has an article looking ahead to 2050- includes the possibility of a Tunnel between the ROI and Wales. That wouldn’t make life any easier for the Ferry companies!

  • Conor

    How about a tunnel to the Bahamas?

  • cool

    Some appear to have missed the point, this is about workers RIGHTS, we all have a choice either we travel with some non-constitutional company OR we all stand and support the employees of home Industry.