Podcasting: the next big thing?

A journalist friend, who’s only just getting to grips with blogging is fairly gung ho about the possibilities offered by the latest in online media – the podcast. Podcasting is focused on the use of the Ipod, something of a cult item amongst those who possess one, to carry broadcasts made easily available online.It may have some problems in repeating the popular success of the blog revolution.

1 it can make use of the hyperlink, which can make even the dullest writer worth returning to over and over. Good radio demands good content and performance.

2 unlike text, audio is hard to speed search for eye catching content.

3 the audience levels are dependent on having an Ipod, which is not yet at critically high levels.

The thought of being able to produce shortish compelling audio pieces at next to no price is likely to expand the possibilities for small independent net content producers is genuinely exciting. For instance, making original interviews from Slugger’s next research project.

It also tempts me into actually buying an ipod with the thought of downloading conventional radio programmes from Radio Ulster and RTE, so I can listen to them when walking the dogs, or rocking the baby, instead of being bent over the laptop or PC.