Ian not talking to Bertie…

One thing that policemen all over the world are most reluctant to get involved with is a domestic row. Poor Bertie Ahern trying to bridge Ulster’s latest apparently unbridgeable gap, got stung severely when Ian Paisley cut off relations with the taoiseach’s office after he suggested there might be a way down the non photographic route!

  • James


    I rerun one of the BBC/WGBH tapes made of the early days of the peace process every couple of years. A recurring theme is the taoiseach trying to keep the hapless Brits from blowing their foot off because of unperceived republican sensitivities. That didn’t happen this time.

    Were the photos Ahern’s ejection seat out of the McCabe problem?

    I was also struck how much this Paisley-Ahern row resembles a game called Whammo!! that I distantly recall being featured in role-playing literature, not that I mess with that touchy-feelie, girlie-man stuff meself. I recall the roles as being father-daughter. Hmmmm……

  • George

    Well if Ian Paisley doesn’t find Bertie Ahern a worthy enough human being to shake his hand, it’s hardly surprising he’ll look at an opportunity to ignore him completely.

    I wonder how Paisley will get around this not talking to government leaders mularki if he ever does become first minister.

  • unionist_observer

    I think we’re all wondering that George. The duppers were running around last election time promising a new, better, fairer deal…how on earth do they plan to get that when nobody is good enough for the doc to talk to??