Portadown: Worse than going to Hull and back…

CONGRATULATIONS to Portadown, which came in at number 22 in The Idler’s stocking filler ‘Crap Towns II’. As well as references to the town’s sectarianism and Drumcree, it is described as “like Burnley, but with more tattoos”. Unfair?

  • Millie

    I’m surprised Larne doesn’t get a look in either.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Larne kept its head low for this one.

  • Donnie

    To be fair Portadown isn’t all that bad for most of the year. Larne is in a whole different league of crap towns!

  • Davros

    Nothing wrong with ‘Ull when I lived and worked there in the early 80’s! Great Fish and Chips, people were really friendly.

  • mainland unionist

    as a current resident of Hull I have to say that it’s a far better place to live than Portadown