attractions of this wee place… or little adventure?

study reveals that of masters students graduating from northern ireland’s universities last year, almost 91% of those employed six months later were working in the province

  • Davros

    Small pond syndrome Phillip ? People doing post-grad work here will find it easier to make connections ?

  • PS

    Or perhaps if you do a degree and still want to stay in Belfast for your postgraduate, it’s got to the stage where you’ve decided you’re never going to leave!

  • Fraggle

    this study seems to include masters degrees only. what about other post graduate qualifications?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    That’s what I was wondering. I did a post-grad diploma in Belfast, and was offered the chance to write a scintillating 10,000 word thesis to upgrade that to an MA. However, you can just have too much education these days, so I left it. ‘MA’ seemed like vanity letters… can’t imagine how they would’ve helped.

  • PS

    Those letters are an excuse for another year of avoiding the big nasty “real world” that I’m told is out there somewhere.