One Man Band

I shouldn’t gloat, but it’s hard to resist 🙂
Ireland beat the Pumas by the same score as the Australians beat the “mighty World Champions”… 21-19. It looks as if England ARE a one man band and without Wilkinson they are doomed….. Should be fun reading the Guardian, which after Ireland- wearing white that day – beat the Boks wrote that at times it must have seen to the Springboks that they were playing England, so well did Ireland play 🙂 Note to Guardian … If the Springboks had been playing England that day they would have won .

  • peteb

    There is a very good reason why you shouldn’t gloat. Ireland haven’t played Australia on their tour yet… and it wasn’t exactly a convincing win over the Pumas.

  • Davros

    To be fair – The Pumas hammered The French – who are after all the 6 Nations Champions Pete, and Ireland were not expected to win 🙂

    And I won’t enter the O’Gara over Humphreys debate!

  • ShayPaul


    Ireland won 3 from 3.

    England won 2 from 3.

    France won 1 from 3.

    It really is time to gloat …..

  • peteb

    It is looking good for the 6 nations championship, but those games haven’t been played yet. I would rather wait and celebrate when it’s over.

  • Davros

    Pete, it’s always a pleasure to see those arrogant English RU s*ds taken down a peg or two 😉
    Rosebuds while ye may….

  • davidbrew

    “Should be fun reading the Guardian”

    … that’s the first time anyone’s ever said that :0)

  • Ringo

    The favourite tag never sits well with Irish rugby teams – aren’t we raising expectations to an unnatural level for this 6 nations?

    France and England never put out a bad team – they may perform badly on the day – and they are still in a different league in terms of resources etc..

    I’d take a repeat of last year and split England and France in the table if it was on offer !

  • Young Fogey

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee are the champions my friend. And weeeeeeeeeeee’ll keep on fighting to the end.

  • onemanbrand

    shame we don’t seem to win anything these days

    silence is a sickness – take your medicine….