Dermot Ahern tells parties, stick to plan A!

Not exactly a denial of the possibility, but a deliberate attempt by Dermot Ahern to push the debate away from joint authority and put the emphasis on the need for the parties to strike a deal rather than defaulting to the two governments.

  • peteb


    I’d also argue that it’s a response to, and a tacit confirmation of, Pat Rabitte’s previously blogged point – SF’s Plan B a non-runner

  • Keith M

    Exactly what debate on joint authority? A couple of statements by SF/IRA people and a reality check by Pat Rabitte does not a debate make. If the governments have a “plan B”, joint authority would has as much of a chance as re-partition, full re-integration or (my favoured option) cantonisation.

  • Mick Fealty

    Would that I still had Slugger’s archives to hand! I grant you it’s been neither comprehensive nor compelling, but the joint authority ‘option’ has been talked about on and off since October 2002.

  • peteb

    Mick, I’d suggest Dermot Ahern was thinking about more recent comments.