Charity crime: Government might do something, sometime… maybe

I RECENTLY pointed out the lack of adequate regulation of charities in Northern Ireland, which has been financially damaging for legitimate charities. The News Letter’s Elinor Glynn reports that the two Governments (south and east) are to crack down on illegal charities.I would take issue with this point though: “New legislation is being prepared in Dublin and, in a coordinated move, a review is under way in Northern Ireland.”

This is anything BUT co-ordinated action. The Charities Commission is not a new idea, and there have been countless calls for one here. The Government is stalling until the status quo in England and Wales has been reviewed – whatever year that will be (the Government reckons next year… we shall see!) And is any of this going to be co-ordinated with the Irish legislation, to avoid any more loopholes? Errrr… is it ever?

As the NIO gears up for the launch of its annual Christmas counterfeit crackdown tomorrow, maybe someone should give Ron Goldstock a call…