Swiss (Bank) Family Robinson…?

PETER Robinson is in quite a tizzy about this story appearing in today’s Belfast Telegraph. Mr Robinson is very proud of his efforts on behalf of Castlereagh ratepayers, but I wonder what the taxpayers think about both he and his wife claiming almost £20,000 in expenses EACH for a London apartment?The Robinsons are perfectly entitled to the quarter of a million or so of taxpayers’ money they receive (not including their Assembly and council expenses) from Westminster, and it is entirely legal to pay several children out of these expenses, but it doesn’t seem to me to fit in with the image of ‘Prudent Peter’ that Mr Robinson has tried to cultivate.

Perhaps this is why he has threatened legal action against some who are reporting this story.

The Robinsons are not the only married MPS claiming twice for accommodation, although the Guardian appears to have overlooked them in this article.