When East meets West…

DID anyone hear former District Policing Partnership member and Ulster Unionist MLA Michael Copeland on BBC Newsline? After a PSNI raid to seize counterfeit goods in East Belfast, he accused the police of being heavy-handed. NEVER have I heard anyone in the UUP sound so like a member of Sinn Fein after any raid in the West of the city. DUP councillor Harry Toan minimised the impact of the alleged crime too (click ‘More’). What fantastic leadership!Copeland said: “We had a shooting incident around the corner here, where five officers were available to attend.

“This morning we have a sizeable number of officers – I have been led to believe that it could be as many as 50 officers involved in this operation for fake CDs.

“It does strike me that the law is being applied selectively.”

The DUP’s Harry Toan agreed: “The police have to be supported in doing their duty.

“But to bring so many police in for what is a relatively small amount of money and criminality – if that is the case.

“If it was a murder, there would be less police here.”

So remember kids, next time you think about copying a CD, remember the unionist message: “Get your CDs here! Five for a pound!”