Bush pulls ahead again…

To borrow a phrase from Adrian Dunbar’s character Mickey O’Neill in Hear My Song, “Did he or didn’t he? Is he or isn’t he? Will he or won’t he?” These are just some of the questions the US Democrats will be asking themselves in the wake of the big three TV debates, as the latest poll shows President Bush move 4 points ahead of their man Kerry.

In today’s FT, Philip Stevens reflects on what it could mean to Europe, where the challenger to win through:

“A Democratic victory on November 2 would not in itself transform America’s standing or repair its broken friendships. Genuinbe differences with Europe will remain – on Iraq, on the role and scope of multilateralism and, quite probably, on the Middle East. Recasting the transatlantic alliance is a project for years to come. But the vital change would be that Kerry looks out on world with which Europeans are familiar. That of itself would present Europe with both an important opportunity and a heavy responsibility”.

  • James

    Poor old Zogby. Earlier this week he was predicting that the edge on the undecideds would go to Kerry by 2%. Today he’s showing that a 1% change in undecideds from 7% to 6% jacked Bush’s numbers up by 2% and torpedoed Kerry by 1%. Now that’s leverage.

    Good on ya, John Kerry. Win three debates and get your true reward.