Bland is better than sloppy history?

Steven King takes Warwick University academic Alison Kitson to task for some little local inaccuracies.

  • Davros

    Excellent article

  • Keith M

    Whether it’s been the Dublin air or finally declaring his sexuality that has made an impact I’m not sure, but this is one of the best articles by King I’ve seen in a long time. Has he actually jumped ship from the UUP? I noted that on H+M he was described as a “columnist”. Mind you would anyone actually listen to him if he had used his previous title of “Advisor to David Trimble”.

  • willowfield

    I guess since the collapse of the Executive, he lost his job?

    He’s been a Telegraph columnist for quite a while now.

  • Davros

    “finally declaring his sexuality “

    I missed this … is he gay ?

  • Mick Fealty

    You weren’t paying attention then?

  • Davros

    I saw that post Mick, but as I hadn’t noticed Mr King “outing himself” while I watched the show itself , I thought Keith might have been less than serious… Mind you, I had no idea who Mr King was until I started reading my super soaraway Sun, whoops Slugger!
    But if he did come out, good luck to him and it’s a hopeful sign that it hasn’t been made an “issue”.
    I might have missed it as the mad Baptist minister ranting on about marrying canines somewhat distracted me.

  • Keith M

    Yes Davros he did come out. Unfortunatly the show is now no longer on the BBC site but he uses the “us” to describe gay people.

    I would be interesting to know if there is any connection with King’s declaration and the fact that he no longer appears to be be an advisor to Trimble.