Charter e-debate: an argument for a Charter

Brice Dickson wrote a think piece (pdf) for the Irish Law Society last autumn when an initial public consultation was still in train.

  • Davros

    Am I the only person having a problem downloading the document ? Loads 15 pages as usual then freezes.

    One question…In the Text of the Belfast Agreement
    the amendments to Articles 2 and 3 it is specified for and by the ROI “the island of Ireland, which includes its islands and seas”. Is this also defined anywhere in the British Legislation ?

  • peteb

    This comment may straddle both of today’s threads on this topic, Mick, so my apologies for that in advance.

    The relevant paragraph in the Agreement, quoted on the a href=””>UCC Law Faculty website, states that the joint committee of representatives of the two Human Rights Commissions will consider the establishment of a charter “reflecting and endorsing agreed measures for the protection of the fundamental [human] rights of everyone living in the island of Ireland”.

    Bruce Dickson’s preferred model for that charter, as outlined in the linked document, and the questions presented in today’s accompanying thread, would appear to go beyond that remit – bringing in the UK government (and only mentioning the NI Executive in parenthesis) and introducing references such as ‘guarantees to the two main communities in Northern Ireland that their rights will be respected’. The objective of their deliberations could be construed as attempting to define their own role through the model adopted. None of this, it would seem to me, is an appropriate role for a Charter of Fundamental Human Rights