Bertie finally gets to do the shuffle

Chris at Alt-Tag with her own blog suggestions for Bertie Ahern on the day he announces a reshuffle that was first heralded in June.

  • Frank McGahon

    Er, that would be Chris at Alt-Tag and she’s a she!

  • Keith M

    The dogs on the street (who have returned from their summer hibernation) seem to think it will go like this:

    McCreevy (Europe), Walsh (retiring) and Smith (dropped) to go. Neither

    Cowen from Foreign Affairs to Finance.

    Dermot Aherne to Foreign Affairs from Communications.

    Marney Harney and Michael Martin swap Enterprise and Health. (Apparently Harneyis intent on bringing a bit of maeket sanity to a big spending ministry).

    Mary Hannafin from Chief Whip to Education.

    Noel Dempsey from Education to Communications.

    Michael McDowell won’t move from Justice.

    Willy O’Dea to be promoted (possibly Defence).

    Dick Roche to be promoted (possibly agriculture).

  • George

    your incorrect spelling of Brian Cowen last week has been followed this week by the incorrect spelling of Dermot Ahern, Willie O’Dea and Miche

  • Mick Fealty

    Em, Frank, bit distracted this morning… corrected now…

  • Keith M

    That’s right George it’s a slow insidious campaign to have the union flag fly over Leinster House!.

  • Keith M

    So far so good. Smith has jumped before being pushed, Cowen to Finance and Harney to Health

  • smcgiff

    Harney: Health – I hope everyone has their insurance paid up.

    Cowwn: Finance – At least D Ahern is a qualified accountant (even if it is only CPA)

  • Keith M

    From RTE: The Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, has announced his reshuffled Cabinet. Bertie Ahern opened his statement by announcing that Michael Smith had resigned as Minister for Defence.

    He went on to pay a generous tribute to the outgoing Minister for Finance Charlie McCreevy, and to the Minister for Agriculture, Joe Walsh, who announced his resignation some time ago.

    Mary Harney has taken the health portfolio while Brian Cowen moves to finance. The new Foreign Affairs Minister is Dermot Ahern. Mary Hanafin has been given the education portfolio. Mich

  • smcgiff

    ‘Hopefully she’ll tackle the joke that is our A+E service.’

    Place drunks in a holding cell. Problem solved.

    Now where do I get my Ministerial car?

  • George

    “Interesting to see someone from a border constituency taking this ministry at a time when so much pressure is coming on SF/IRA.”

    There absolutely no pressure on SF or the IRA down south or in their constituency up north. They’ve already escaped the blame game and are sitting quietly waiting for the next round of elections.
    Provo Spice Mary Lou was even apologised to on the Panel Monday evening in case she might have been given too tough a time. She just smiled at Darragh, hardly believing her luck. That’s pressure alright.

    I’d say Ahern is there to keep it all low profile for the next two years. A couple of cross-border schemes (an area he’s familiar with) will be publicised this side of the election showing how “normality” is finally returning and how “working together” can be of benefit to all etc. Stormont will remain in cold storage, which will greatly enhance SF’s electoral chances and rightly scupper the UUP and SDLP.

    The Bulldogs, Harney and Cowen, have been sent to where the real business is if FF wants to stay in power: health and finance.

    P.S. There’s definitely something up. You’ve now added Mary Hanafin to your list. Make sure you don’t raise the union flag upside down whenever you do take over.

  • smcgiff

    Pat Rabitte