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It isn’t just the old media that’s falling for (or being battered by) the charms of the blog – academia is too. Jim McClellan in the Guardian Online section looks at some successful academic blogs, and academic bloggers, who believe blogging can be beneficial to the “developing and sharing ideas, both with academic peers and general readers” – and how some universities are already thinking of ways to close the gates against those general ‘barbarians’ storming the ivory towers.

  • Davros

    Speaking of barbarians … wasn’t Spotlight spectacular ?

    Who WAS that Baptist Minister rattling on about Gays wanting to marry Dogs ? He sure scared Steven King !
    And top marks for comments about swallowing camels LOL

  • willowfield


  • Davros

    Hearts and Minds 🙂

  • jessop

    Aye I watched that in amazement at how weak and ridiculous the arguments posed by the religious nutter were, against same sex civil marriages or partnerships.

    That anyone can think they can impose their religious beliefs on people in this day and age beggars belief.

    I say Let he whom smites be the first to be smitten…. or something.

  • Davros

    It was like something from the 17th Century …I could picture him as a Witchfinder 🙂