Morgan retires at 37

Martin Morgan, the SDLP’s candidate in the recent European elections and former Lord Mayor is to retire from active politics when the local elections are held in Belfast next May. It will undoubtedly be a blow for a party that in recent years has consciously tried to build the profile of its younger members.

  • Davros

    Such a shame, but I wish him well in his career.

  • peteb

    Yeah, Davros, just what we need… another social worker ;o)

  • Davros

    Hey, we need more GOOD social workers 🙂

  • J Kelly

    The reason that Martin Morgan has left npolitics is that doesn’t believe he has anything in common with the current leadership of the SDLP. Martin Morgan an ordinary guy from North Belfast who understands and feels the same frustations and feelings of ordinary people. What has he in common with the lawyers, doctors, accountants and professional middle class that control the SDLP now.

    Martin Morgan “stood with the good people of Ardoyne” in July were was McGinness, Attwood, Durkan or any other leading SDLP member on the golf course or at dinner it was a bank holiday after all. He called for the SDLP to reconsider its position on policing and he was quickly reprimanded by the controlling Durkan.

    Today the SDLP have lost one of their few working class representatives and they will rue the day. Mark Durkan needs to take a long hard look at the party and in particular his leadership.

  • Mark McGregor

    With Morgan widely regarded as a closet Fianna Failer does this indicate that merger discussions within the SDLP aren’t really taking place at any level?

  • AndrewD


    He will be a great loss to the SDLP. I thought he had alot going for him.

    They have such a large Youth Wing and yet have hardy any Youth at the top. The SDLP ought to introduce some fresh candidates for next years elections.

    I wish Martin well, decent bloke.

    I met him on the Euro election day when I was going up to vote, didn’t force his beliefs on me at all. Was just glad to see that I was voting.

  • Davros

    Mark, would SF feel threatened by an SDLP:FF merger ?

  • peteb

    On the topic of “Youth at the top”.. just what are the respective ages of the leaders of the political parties here?

  • willowfield

    Martin Morgan “stood with the good people of Ardoyne” in July


    Looked to me like he stood with the bad people of Ardoyne. Good people don’t riot.

    Up until last summer I greatly respected Morgan, but his anti-police rhetoric and the credence he gave to the rioters on that occasion made him sound like a Provo.

    Nonetheless, this is a bad blow for the SDLP which doesn’t appear to have any good, young prospective candidates to assume the leadership. (John Fee is probably a lost cause since he lost his Assembly seat.)

    The SDLP is in terrible trouble and that is BAD NEWS for Northern Ireland, considering who is replacing them.

  • David Vance

    Willowfield echoes my own opinion on this issue.

    I believe that a dying SDLP is bad news for lasting democracy in NI. That said, it is my vew that Hume deliberately sacrificed his Party in pursuance of bringing the IRA in from the cold. Now that they’re in – his Party is out – on it’s feet.

    I can’t see them coming back as things stand, and the strategic vision of Durkan escapes me.

    A loss to the democratic process.

  • Belfast Gonzo


    With all due respect, I don’t think John Fee was ever in line for the leadership.