Ireland most expensive in Europe

Joe Humphreys in the Irish Times reports on the latest annual statement on prices and costs from the National Competitiveness Council. Consumer price inflation in Ireland has risen at twice the rate of the Euro zone average since 1999 and the average price of Irish goods and services by 22 per cent above the EU average in the same period.

Statement and full report can be found here

Selected quotes from the Irish Times article

“Ireland is now ‘almost on a par with Finland’ as the most expensive country in the eurozone, according to a new report on competitiveness and price inflation”

“Consumer price inflation in Ireland exceeded that in both the euro zone and the EU-15 for the past seven years, rising by 17.5 per cent between December 1999 and December 2003. This compared to an EU-15 average of 8.4 per cent over the same period.

  • Panda

    Now,I freely admit that I’m no economic expert, but to a layman news like this and the recent debt per capita figure don’t bode well.
    Surely as Ireland faces more and more competition from within and outside the EU this it’s disturbing that businesses are finding it a difficult place to operate from. Coupled with the reduction in EU financial support does the Republic not face some hard times in the medium-term future.
    Or I am i just a bitter Unionist jealous at the success of the Celtic Tiger?!

  • maca

    You’re just a bitter Unionist jealous at the success of the Celtic Tiger. 😉

    I agree though. Once Ireland becomes a net contributor the cash will be tight. Still, we’ll manage. Ireland may be expensive but salaries are higher than some other countries.

  • Davros

    They’ll have to watch the old Tourist Industry.
    It’s after getting some shocking press recently.

    PS – what’s the Irish for “Firefox ” ?

  • maca

    “what’s the Irish for “Firefox ” ?”

    Good question, they’re not words you’d normally put together so I don’t know if it’s “Madra rua tine” or “madra rua d