Adams: a deal is inevitable

On his way into Leeds Castle this morning, Gerry Adams has told reporters that a deal is inevitable between his party and the DUP. Although clearly he was not committing to a timeline for such an accord it would, he suggested, take shape within the confines of the Belfast Agreement.

  • peteb

    Clearly, Mick, he wasn’t committing to anything.. just playing up to the cameras and setting out his stall for the blame-game to follow – I expect to hear much the same kind of thing from the DUP.

  • peteb

    Contrast the public statement of the SF President to that of the SF Chairman, Mick – or should that be the opinion portrayed in the national media to that in the local media – necessary work has not been done.

    Which version are we supposed to believe – the ‘optimistic’ one or the ‘pessimistic’ one?

    Or are they simply attempting to cover all the bases?

  • dave

    Gerry Adams is correct “a deal is inevitable”

    The deal: all weapons to be destroyed, IRA to disband, changes to Belfast agreement.

    nice one Gerry?