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The last year has seen major increases in Slugger’s readership, from 7-800 hundred visitors a day to something approaching 3000. Whilst in the next year we expect to see that growth curve continue, we also need to consider various ways to maintain Slugger as more of a self sustaining online magazine as well as a generally civil space for online dialogue.

To that end we are looking to expand the both the blogging team and the number of one off articles we publish here on Slugger. In the case of the latter we are interested in any aspect of culture and politics in Northern Ireland. Or indeed reports on issues elsewhere in the world that have an important bearing on particular situations at home. All submissions will looked at on their merits.

In the case of bloggers, we’d like to introduce good new writers on the basis of a three month stint on Slugger, perhaps with an invitation to continue or return after another period. Emphasis will be on quality of writing and developing multiplicity of views.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to blog on Slugger, whether it’s on politics, fishing, economics, Irish League Soccer, or the detailed challenges of environmental protection, send us three or four short blog pieces on your preferred choice, and we’ll let you know!

Finally. In recent days I’ve spoken to a number of people who’s opinions I value highly about the comments section. This is clearly one of the most valuable aspects of the site, and one I am loathe to see us lose. Currently we lack the resources to ensure that it remains one of the most productive discussion zones on Northern Ireland – ie, I’m the only moderator for threads that can number 600+ posts.

So I’m asking for four or five volunteers to moderate the comments. That number should mean we can cover the site for most of the time. If you are interested just drop me a line at mick |at| mickfealty |dot | com.

And don’t forget, you can always help us keep our costs in check by hitting the donate button on the left hand side and send us whatever you can.

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Make Howard a mod, otherwise he’ll get knocked down by spending too much time in the middle of the road 🙂

Posted by: Donnie Fiasco at March 30, 2004 01:54 PM

A slightly inhuman presence that bans bad comments and works late at night to remove the wrinkles in Slugger’s technical carpet. You will need to know about the comments policy to stay off the fightin’ side of me and there is a bit of background about me here. You can email me using this spam-proof link if you really need to, and Slugger is @sluggerotoole on Twitter. But above all, remember, Play the ball and not the man.

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  1. LGF,

    As much as Id like to argue the toss with you on the substantive issues, I’ll just take the simple pleasure in pointing out your mistake on THE University. It’d only be the, ‘definitive article,’ if you named a University. There is more than one in the US of A, right?
    You can extrapolate from this simple error what I think of your other points, many of which are patently wrong. With that said, I believe in your right to live in Wonderland. Seen Alice lately or has the Mad Hatter being taking up too much of your time? 🙂

  2. As far as writers are concerned Mick, I’d be glad to provide stories on the GAA during the championshiup season or even as soon as you’d like. It’s one of the few topics on which i can try to call myself an expert!

  3. LGF, The current Canadian Prime Minister is Liberal leader Paul Martin. We are expecting an election to be called soon.

  4. Trish,
    LGF, The current Canadian Prime Minister is Liberal leader Paul Martin. We are expecting an election to be called soon.
    Thanks for the info Trish. When I get time, Ill have to do a Google search on Canada, to see whats going on up there ya hay dare Trish. Ive been to Canada twice: once to Thunder Bay and Quebec City and another time to the Canadian side of Niagara and then up to Toronto. I was impressed with how modern and clean Toronto was. So whats the story on Quebec? Last time I heard it was 51% to 49%. Is there a referendum coming up in the near future? Care to give any reasons why the Quebec question never turned violent, like N.I. did for thirty years? Thanks.

  5. LGF,

    I think the entire world would fall of it’s stool if the Canadians turned violent.

    Pity ye have to put up with the neighbours, Trish? And I don’t mean the Inuit! 🙂

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