Adams speech: expectations

He touches on the expectations that have been raised by the peace process for Republicans:

“Our task in the decade ahead is to provide the leadership needed to challenge the status quo. Our goal must be to exercise the political will and resolve to ensure that the voices of the neglected and deprived in our society are given their rightful place in decision making in the future.

“This is the New Ireland we are struggling for. An Ireland of equals. The progress that we have collectively made in recent years has been remarkable. But all of this is work in progress and it has to be brought to completion across all of these outstanding and unfinished matters. That will mean hard work- a lot of it. It will be a very testing and daunting time.

And importantly:

“But the alternative – a return to the past – cannot be contemplated. This party is on the rise. Irish republicanism is growing and increasingly popular as a political philosophy.”

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