Sectarianism debate

There’s a fairly comprehensive write-up of the debate we first reported here, in yesterday’s Belfast Telegraph. The original motion from Gerry Kelly Sinn Fein, condemned all forms of sectarianism, but without naming any practical means to tackle it. This was followed by amendments from Ian Paisley DUP and then Esmond Birnie UUP and Alex Attwood – all of which called to a greater or lesser degree for practical support for the Police Service.

By the way, Paisley’s explanation of the origins of sectarianism is interesting, if not entirely convincing, and well worth scrolling down to – he’s only the third speaker down.

Paddy Roche NIUP, jumped into hot water, when the speaker asked to him to leave he had he accused Gerry Kelly of being a murderer. Roche is reported to have been quoting from a book by Liam Clarke – the Sunday Times NI Editor.