Methodist College mock Belfast South poll results

IMG_9480In parallel with the real Assembly election, on Thursday Methodist College ran a mock poll using the real Belfast South candidates and an electorate made up of pupils in Forms 1-4.

Originally intended to be an online/electronic ballot, technology gremlins intervened [Ed – a lesson for us all] but like a real polling station, they stayed open and reverted to paper ballots (though didn’t have to run it out of the boot of a teacher’s car).

As part of the citizenship curriculum, pupils had mocked up posters for the candidates and some of the candidates (or their representatives) had visited the school in recent days.

I visited the school at lunchtime – one of the peak polling times – and caught up with Mr Foster, Adam and Jack.

IMG_9506This evening, the pupils counted the ballots and in double-quick time declared six candidates elected. Election anoraks can pour over detailed charts of the results.

  • Paula Bradshaw (Alliance)
  • Emma Little Pengelly (DUP)
  • Clare Bailey (Green Party)
  • Duncan Morrow (Alliance)
  • Máirtín Ó Muilleoir (Sinn Féin)
  • Christopher Stalford (DUP)

The school’s pupils do not all live within the Belfast South constituency, and none of the 11-15 year olds are on the electoral register. So there’s not much that can be read into the results. Other than to be impressed with the pupils’ and staffs’ enthusiasm and attitude that put the poll in place and worked as a team to get the result out so fast.

  • Declan Doyle

    Methodist College Elects Sinn Fein MLA. Wonderful sign for the future.

  • John Foster

    Now that’s the way to get the vote counted and the results to the people. Are you watching on the Hill??

  • Tochais Siorai

    Good to see youngsters producing a diverse result like that going to school together.

  • the keep

    Its interesting how the kids have voted clean sweep for the DUP SF and the Alliance party interestingly neither the two main former parties didn’t get elected is that a sign of things to come?

  • robertianwilliams

    an elite school ( albeit state run)unrepresentative of the mainstream.

  • chrisjones2

    …or just student politics?

  • Msiegnaro

    Definitely Chris.

  • Methody pupil and Sinn Féin voter just sounds odd in the same sentence

  • Reader

    Not really. There is a youth effect counteracting the Grammar school effect. However, intra-nationalist transfers are rock solid within about 1/6 of the vote.

  • Msiegnaro

    I think the poll is to be taken with a little tongue in cheek.

  • Ben De Hellenbacque

    I don’t see a huge leap from the Methody of now and the Methody of my day in the 1980s. I was one of many tai6s there at the time although we were oblivious to such artificial distinctions and I recall only one incident of rather pathetic sectarianism.

  • Ben De Hellenbacque

    Why should it? How familiar are you with my Alma Mater?

  • Ben De Hellenbacque

    “An elite school” ergo all pupils are an elite or are from an elite? Does aiming for ecumenism place us in an elite? Maybe your mainstream’s what’s wrong with this place.

  • conals

    Oh dear god. Desperation.

  • Paul Nelson

    Well said Ben. I went to Methody in the 60’s and 70’s from a single parent family in Finaghy. Elitist no, Excellent yes.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Interesting how it’s perfectly acceptable to stigmatise people because they had a half decent education, but it’s utterly prejudiced to do so because they are uneducated.

    “Do we not bleed……?”

    And I bought that everyone nowadays was New Labour Style (middle)classless!

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Wasn’t Alice Milligan an old girl of Methody?

    Let’s hope, perhaps, for her “fine weather”………(“When I was a Little Girl”)

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Or not…

  • Ben De Hellenbacque

    Sure isn’t inverted snobbery an Oolstar virtue?

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Indeed, Ben, and I remember someone authoritatively saying on the radio once that we did not have any middle class people in the wee six. With some of the incomes I’ve encountered that utterly dwarf anything a feckless artist like my (déclasé) self has ever earned, I just begin to wonder how “middle class” is defined by the commentator?

  • Ben De Hellenbacque

    It’s defined as something to be ashamed of.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    While like any decent flâneur I see “ennuyer la bourgeoisie” as almost a moral duty, I can sincerely think of a lot of worse things to be ashamed of, such as an addiction to categorising people in broad sweeps rather than actually evaluating the worth of individuals on their own personal merits and demerits!

  • Floreat Ultonia

    Since leaving Methody (in 1980) I’ve been successively a member of the Alliance, Communist, SDP, Labour and now Green Parties.

    I blame too much egg-chasing

  • whatif1984true

    I would guess that the Sinn Fein votes are reflections of the parents voting patterns. It surprises me that the Catholic middle class votes SF do they really believe SF are doing a good job/making a difference. Tribal voting stays with you it seems despite education and a higher income. SF must be happy with this.

  • Gerry Lynch

    Yep. In Belfast, at least.

  • Davros64

    Communist?? LOL. From a man who’s voted for the Tories FFS.

    As for rugby fat chance, your services in ‘all white’ are requested at your local cricket ground…