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PUL community and Sinn Fein - Brian John Spencer

Alex Kane quoted a Sinn Fein associate in the News Letter:

We can always rely on unionist disarray or paranoia to help us out.

And then we can remember Mitchel McLaughlin’s “faux pas of the month” back in 2006:

… asked to explain exactly what Sinn Féin had achieved for its supporters, media-disaster Mitchel spluttered for a moment before blurting out: “The degree of uncertainty and the lack of confidence in the unionist community!”

Brian is a writer, artist, political cartoonist and legal blogger.

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  • David Crookes

    The Dissonance Quartet.

  • michael-mcivor

    That middle PUL looks like Dodds five minutes after the rock glanced of his head-

  • Mick Fealty

    “It’s not what you do boys, it’s what you’re seen to do that matters…”

  • aquifer

    “And in our Ireland of equals, self-harm reduction programmes will be available to all ages and genders.”

  • son of sam

    “In the land of the blind,the one eyed man is king”.

  • carl marks

    And I’ll keep hitting myself in the face till I get my way!

  • Kevsterino

    “This peaceful means stuff can be satisfying.”

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    “It may look ugly, but it dances very well to our tune when we want it to…”

  • “It wasn’t really a war, but we did win it.”

  • Morpheus

    I was thinking along the lines of a Mr Burn’


    but it would probably come out like a high pitched

    ‘That’s class, so it is hi”

  • tuatha

    “with enemies like these…?”