Christopher Hitchens, 1949 – 2011

Writer Christopher Hitchens has died aged 62. He was as contrary as he was brilliant. Here is a brief In Memoriam from Vanity Fair (his outlet of choice since 1992) and, here, a longer tribute from his friend Christopher Buckley Stanley in The New Yorker. Better, perhaps, though to post one of Hitchens’ own writings in tribute.  I’ll make no apology for choosing one of his most remarked upon pieces of recent years — his 2008 Vanity Fair article on waterboarding, Believe … Read more

“at least those smartarses from Vanity Fair didn’t notice the pencils…”

Prompted by Michael Lewis’ recent lengthy, and somewhat controversial, article on Ireland in Vanity Fair, Frank McNally takes the opportunity in his Irishman’s Diary to provide a, possibly apocryphal, account of the parliamentary vote which led to the glass partition in the public gallery in the Dáil.  From the Irish Times article Thus I suspect reports that O’Flaherty had been “locked out” on the afternoon in question may have referred only to his physical condition, rather than Dáil vote protocol. Either way, … Read more