Protestant and Dissenter: the nonsense of Sinn Fein’s outreach

Part of Sinn Fein’s pitch at the Ard Fheis was the idea of moving forwards “Towards a New Republic.” Alex Kane has pointed out what he calls the “Jekyl and Hyde” quality of Sinn Fein’s unionist outreach: Adams talked, as did Martin McGuinness the night before, of the need to have a “national conversation on the future of the island” and to win unionists over. But then he adds a paragraph about the “British having no right to be here” … Read more

Protestant Alienation 2011

Almost 20 years ago now the academic community in Northern Ireland first began looking at the concept of Protestant Alienation. Amongst the factors they identified were the feeling that the Hume Adams talks were creating a blueprint for the defeat of unionism which the British government might acquiesce to. That feeling of alienation increased with events such as the IRA ceasefire. Looking back it is now easy to read the IRA ceasefire as a victory for unionism: the IRA had … Read more

Sometimes even 3 bins aren’t enough

This was at the top of my street until today (3 months after it should have been binned – by Neil Johnston of the UUP). It made a better attempt to stay out of the dustbin of history than the ‘party’ did.

“Ulster Unionists have never been adept at gauging the public mood…”

An English friend who knows more than the average Englishman about Northern Irish politics asked me in all seriousness, just a few days before the last election, whether the UUP was now anti Agreement. Well, I explained, not exactly and yet it  looked that way if you were taking seriously anything Reg said (which was not a lot) on politics in the run up to the election.  Davy Adams goes a little further than my English friend (or I would) … Read more