Stormont House Agreement (reduced to 750 words, then further digested to 350 and 140 words) #StormontTalks

For those who don’t want to read the full document here’s an easy to digest 750-word summary!. (At the bottom you’ll find an even more concise 350 word digest, along with downloadable versions to re-use.) Final balanced budget to be agreed in January 2015. Legislation before Assembly in January 2015 to push through Welfare changes; no new money for ‘flexibilities and top-ups’ added to address local Welfare need. The £114m welfare reform deduction to be proportionately reduced if implementation of … Read more

Stormont House Agreement (in full) #StormontTalks

The NIO have published the text of the Stormont House Agreement, along with the financial annex. (I’ve also summarised the key bodies, dates and funds down to 750 words [and then just 350 words] in a separate post.) STORMONT HOUSE AGREEMENT Finance and Welfare 
The participants agree: 1. Early measures are needed to address the longer term structural financial difficulties in the Northern Ireland budget. 2. In particular there is a need for measures to improve the efficiency of the … Read more