‘Stormont House’ deal demonstrates how limited compromises bring limited wins…

I’ll leave some of the detail to others to pick through, so some quick (very quick) on the hoof reactions. Sinn Fein (and the SDLP) have pretty much swallowed the Tory austerity agenda whole, and with barely a backward glance to their previous [Unsustainable? – Ed] anti reform agenda. The £1.9 million is recouped mostly from increased loan limits, one-off land sales and the wholesale raiding of capital budgets.  Cameron has barely moved on the compensating package. The fines accrued … Read more

Stormont House Agreement (reduced to 750 words, then further digested to 350 and 140 words) #StormontTalks

For those who don’t want to read the full document here’s an easy to digest 750-word summary!. (At the bottom you’ll find an even more concise 350 word digest, along with downloadable versions to re-use.) Final balanced budget to be agreed in January 2015. Legislation before Assembly in January 2015 to push through Welfare changes; no new money for ‘flexibilities and top-ups’ added to address local Welfare need. The £114m welfare reform deduction to be proportionately reduced if implementation of … Read more

Stormont House Agreement (in full) #StormontTalks

The NIO have published the text of the Stormont House Agreement, along with the financial annex. (I’ve also summarised the key bodies, dates and funds down to 750 words [and then just 350 words] in a separate post.) STORMONT HOUSE AGREEMENT Finance and Welfare 
The participants agree: 1. Early measures are needed to address the longer term structural financial difficulties in the Northern Ireland budget. 2. In particular there is a need for measures to improve the efficiency of the … Read more