NI Energy Minister: “I have received assurances from ESB on a range of issues relating to the transaction.”

The BBC reports that the Northern Ireland First Minister, Peter Robinson, wearing his other hat as leader of the DUP, and out-going UUP leader Reg Empey have jointly written to the Irish government to object to the proposed sale of NI Electricity (NIE) to the state-owned Electricity Supply Board (ESB).  NIE is currently owned, through Viridian, by Arcapita, a Bahrain-based bank. A RTÉ report adds It has emerged that Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson and outgoing UUP leader Reg … Read more

CGI: “a carefully selected group of the world’s best minds and most distinguished problem-solvers…”

As Alan has noted, Northern Ireland Employment Minister, and out-going UUP Leader, Sir Reg Empey will be attending this year’s meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative [CGI]. Last year the CGI held a special session on Northern Ireland, which the Employment Minister also attended.  As did the NI Secretary of State and the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, along with others from within the NI Executive – and without. But what will the NI Employment Minister report back to the CGI on?  Beyond the one-day … Read more

Reg Empey to step down from leadership

It’s not clear what the last election ever held for Reg Empey. Had he won, he was already committed to stepping down from his ministry and membership of the Assembly. With his intention to resign now clear are now where we would have been regardless of whether he’d won his seat, or not. The big question exercising everyone inside the party is: who next? Despite the poor look on not winning a single Westminster seats, it’s actual vote (if you … Read more

The prospects of voluntary coalition

Video: Peter Robinson on improving devolution Voluntary coalition seems to be a shibboleth connected with Jim Allister and TUV but in reality all three Unionist parties would prefer voluntary coalition with some form of qualified majority voting put in place to enable a more normal form of Assembly inline with Wales & Scotland which would include a formal opposition, compared to the mandatory coalition we currently operate where nearly all the parties are in government and will remain in government … Read more