Jacques Parizeau provides an example for nationalists around the world.

Jacques Parizeau, the former Premier of Quebec and the man who came within just one percent of creating a sovereign Quebec nation died this. Any nationalist around the world worth their salt watched the trail that figures like Levesque, Bouchard and Parizeau blazed throughout their careers. That a self-identified “technocrat” could win such a huge majority in 1994 and have the sense of leadership to create the conditions for such a narrow referendum loss in 1995 is an example for … Read more

Irish Republicanism needs to be more Levesque and a little less Salmond on a border poll

À la prochaine fois!, (until next time) declared the separatist premier, Rene Levesque as he conceded defeat on the night the 1980 Quebec sovereignty referendum failed. Standing like a proud general with his supporters weeping as their dream of an independent francophone Quebec went up in smoke, Levesque knew that while his objective of achieving sovereignty was over, he had run a respectable campaign and had garnered enough support (40%) to leave the movement an opportunity have another go at … Read more

Quebec says ‘Non’ to PQ govt after less than Two years.

It is 3,000 miles away and no, I am not arguing for a moment that you can transplant the political musings of the francophone province of Quebec on to our situation, but this election is a genuinely interesting one to watch. Scandals, divisions and student protests drove the last Liberal government from office after 9 years in power. Promising a fresh start and a new sense of politics the Parti Quebecois hoping to rebound from the near wipe-out of their … Read more

The long march in Quebec.

The PQ are back in power.  A terribly tragic victory rally  shadowed the victory. Maybe another decade before the next vote but: Another generation are taking up the fight. DewiWelsh Nationalist. Rugby Fan. Know a bit about History and Railways…