Why Include Ulster Protestants in a New Ireland?

This week, we’re featuring submissions from readers on the theme of ‘Future Ireland: Alternative Conversations about Unity and the Union’. Competition winners will be published on Saturday. By Dilcy, a nationalist living in Belfast. Why Include Ulster Protestants in a New Ireland? Answer 1 They’re here already and may as well stay. Answer 2 We say stay, but we really hope they will eventually leave. Answer 3 They are really Irish anyway. Answer 4 We really need their help to … Read more

Women bishops – it is about religion, stupid

Does anybody else feel uneasy that the case for women bishops is championed by commentators with a wholly secular agenda and that an essential element of the argument has been deliberately left out? Too hard for our little heads to take in or too silly for words, being about religion? Nothing wrong with the secularists’ case of course. Only there’s no reason why their voices should prevail, as distinct from the great majority of church members in favour of women … Read more

raising an old issue like employment

At the moment, as Pete flagged a couple of days ago, Bill Clinton is doing some heavy lifting in the US for job creation on behalf of the Republic of Ireland’s government. Over at the Belfast media group, Jude Collins provides an interesting contrast, highlighting the uneven results of Invest NI’s work: During  2010/2011, Invest NI  managed to secure NOT A SINGLE JOB in West Belfast. Yet  year after year, south and east Belfast attract shed loads more money via Invest … Read more

‘Fuck the Pope’

Kilsally has expanded an extensive list of quotes and links on why some groups are objecting to Joseph Ratzinger’s visit to Britain with the objections of various Protestant groups. However, it is worth noting that Kilsally has been posting these objections for an extended period on the Orange Order facebook page he maintains and fighting a deletion battle with supporters much more direct (honest?) with their issue. While much of the more objectionable content was deleted, with every theological and/or … Read more