Why doesn’t Leveson pass Cameron’s “bonkers” test? And would Ofcom really be a “flawed” backstop?

[David Cameron to Andrew Marr] “We must wait for what Lord Leveson says … I don’t want to pre-judge it. We don’t want heavy-handed state intervention. We’ve got to have a free press.” Backing up with legislation the self regulation of an industry that has consistently failed to be harsh to itself hardly qualifies as failing Cameron’s “bonkers” test. Labour – from the advantage of Opposition – are asking for the Leveson recommendations to be implemented in full. Ed Miliband: … Read more

Leveson report: the self-regulation carrot with the legislative stick

It may be some time before Slugger posters finish reading the 1988 pages of Lord Justice Leveson’s report into his Inquiry into the Culture, Practices and Ethics of the Press. So here’s a short post in the meantime! [48 page Executive Summary; four volume full report] He said that the press had “wreaked havoc in the lives of innocent people” for many decades and called their behaviour (at times) “outrageous”. The report’s executive summary comments: Phone hacking is most decidedly … Read more

Leveson is unlikely to change an old rule of media politics – when in trouble, attack the BBC

  So Tony Blair ended up in a white suit on the banks of the river Jordan – hallelujah! – as god father to Rupert Murdoch’s youngest child – while the BBC suffered its biggest confrontation with government ever and its chairman and director general, both figures from inside Blair’s big tent were forced to quit by Lord Hutton’s inquiry , out- manoeuvred by Blair and Campbell desperately seeking a diversion from  disaster in Iraq. That’s rough justice and political … Read more