McDonnell apologises for IRA comment

TIME WARP POLITICS: The new Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell made an appearance on Question Time in which supportive comments he made about the IRA in 2003. He attempted to contextualise them as being from a time when it looked like the peace process was in trouble.

Jeremy Corbyn: Divisive on all fronts?

WILL CORBYN DIVIDE ULSTER: the new Labour leader’s politics have become a source of concern for unionists, some of whom doubt his ability to be bi-partisan. How will that affect party policy and how UK Labour is viewed in Northern Ireland?

Strange bedfellows in Labour leadership bid

How odd to learn that Kate Hoey, who when it comes to the politics of her native Northern Ireland has been closer to the DUP than any other party, is backing  Labour left winger John McDonnell’s token leadership bid, along with fellow Labour awkward squad member Frank Field. In their opinions of Irish republicanism, they’re poles apart from John. Some years ago Frank and Kate joined together to attack the decision to give SF MPs offices and expenses at Westminster. …

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