Homeopathy and the NHS…

So the NHS may finally be clearing its shelves of homeopathic practice and remedies.  To address the current funding crisis, the NHS has announced that a number of remedies which are either ineffective, frankly dangerous or both will no longer be available.  Homeopathy is one of them and rightly so.   No doubt some, perhaps Prince Charles a strong advocate for homeopathy, will protest that this move will adversely affect the health of the nation but they will be in the … Read more

“His position remains that the evidence of efficacy and the scientific basis of homeopathy is highly questionable”

‘His position’ in the title would be that of the Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser.  But, as we know, the scientific illiteracy that prevails in the House of Commons is legendary.  And, regardless of their Chief Scientific Adviser’s position, the UK Government have published their response [pdf file] to the Commons Science and Technology Committee’s Report, Evidence Check on Homeopathy. Here are the main paragraphs 4. The Department sets out policy guidance and recommendations, and asks that the local NHS implements that policy in the way that is most … Read more