Now might be a good time to start a ‘slow journalism’ movement…?

Interesting spat over the media and politics, between Denis Bradley and Stephen Nolan. My own thoughts fall into two parts: one, this is not new nor specific to Northern Ireland; and two, in insisting Nolan carry the can, the abject nature of the general news cycle gets off the hook. Any opportunity to reference John Lloyd’s seminal essay, What the Media Are Doing to Our Politics is a good day. The whole thing is worth reading, but I’ll just quickly crib from … Read more

#Aras11: How the Press got it wrong on Gallagher (and failed to admit it)

Whilst it was perfectly legitimate to probe Martin McGuinness on his paramilitary past in the course of a Presidential election the key reason (character) for doing so was rarely crystalised by the many good journalists who did so. To be blunt, you cannot make political murder a reason for not taking office in state that was founded on killing and rebellion, no matter how many columns of outrage get printed in the Sunday Independent. You can make lying about it … Read more

Churnalism revisited

I believe I’ll live to regret this, but to return to a topic touched on at the last picamp in Belfast. The Guardian reports on the new venture by the Media Standards Trust. bills itself as a press release detector, allowing the user to paste an online sourced news story into a text box for cross reference against articles from the UK national press and the BBC. For those unfamiliar with the term, Wikipedia actually provides the best definition of churnalism: “A … Read more