Snap, Craickle and Pop: The Controversy of Popular Gaelicisation

Ever since Ireland was told that the black stuff might not be Irish, but rather a porter stout from Covent Garden, the country has descended into a frantic state of uncertain soul-searching and impassioned reflection to clarify once and for all what is actually ‘Irish’ (potatoes, Gaelic Storm, and Saint Patrick aside).   But now the most quintessentially ‘Irish’ institution of them all is under intense academic scrutiny, the much celebrated notion of ‘the craic’ (and that’s before considering the … Read more

Welsh (and English?) now an Official Language in Wales….

We’ve just passed A Welsh Language Measure – David Williamson (of Belfast I believe) writes in the Western Mail: Leading activists yesterday welcomed a last-minute move by the Assembly Government to secure the status of Welsh as an official language in Wales as AMs voted on flagship legislation. The Assembly yesterday passed the long-awaited Welsh Language Measure which will lead to new bilingual duties on publicly- funded organisations and key utility providers. Early yesterday afternoon it emerged that the Assembly … Read more