CitizenFour – humanising the whistleblower Edward Snowden while letting his secrets speak for themselves #nihrf

When reaching out to journalists prior to leaving the NSA along with gigabytes of secret documentation, Edward Snowden signed off his emails as ‘CitizenFour’. It’s also the name chosen by Laura Poitras for the third film in her post-9/11 surveillance trilogy. We are building the greatest weapon for oppression in the history of man, yet [NSA] directors exempt themselves from accountability. NSA director Keith Alexander lied to congress, which I can prove. Poitras and Glenn Greenwald travelled out to Hong … Read more

New GCHQ head takes on Google over the terrorist threat

In the FT today, (£) Robert Hannigan now the new head of GCHQ  whom I knew well as the NIO  director of communications,  has opened a new chapter in the debate over privacy versus security in the digital world. He accuses the technology giants of being in denial about the internet as a command and control system for terrorists. Taking a bold initiative in a debate which is bogged down over where to draw the line between privacy and security, he … Read more

For all Obama’s problems, can communication in the ‘social’ era now ever mean ‘private’?

So Edward Snowden has unleashed a bit of a landslide of opinion. Opinion, apparently, that the POTUS is now welcomes. [Does that mean Edward Snowden will get time off for performing a public service? – Ed]. Mark Mardell makes an interesting observation, to the effect that this is as much the changing use of data as politics and it has been borne into the public domain by a new type of techie: It is probable that as the technology changed, … Read more