Digital Switchover and TG4/RTÉ coverage improvements

In a just under two month’s time, analogue television broadcasting will have gone for good in the UK and Ireland. During September the English Tyne Tees region will switchover to digital, leaving a coordinated transition in Ireland during October. In short: Analogue transmission of BBC Two will cease on 10 October and the frequency will be used to broadcast the BBC’s Freeview multiplex (bundle) of channels. Freeview set top boxes/TVs will need to be retuned. Analogue transmissions of BBC One, … Read more

“Having the BBC available in the South gives us a clear link with what politicians in the North are doing.”

So opined the then Irish Minister for Communications, Eamon Ryan, in February 2010 when the Irish and UK governments signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) “for continuing co-operation on broadcasting issues on the island of Ireland.” Specifically, on what will happen after the digital switchover in 2012 –  now scheduled for Oct 24 in Ireland as well as in Northern Ireland. Reports at the time that the agreement committed “the two governments to facilitating RTÉ services in Northern Ireland and BBC services … Read more

Digital Switchover – analogue TV signals stop on 24 October 2012, but RTE1/2 and TG4 will be available digitally right across Ireland

Denis Wolinski and Digit Al unveil digital switchover date

In primary school – P4 or P5 – I remember listening to a short current affairs educational radio programme that mentioned the new concept of cable TV and channels arriving in homes through coaxial cable rather than aerials. It was at least another ten years before CableTel started to dig up the streets of Belfast. Early cable TV systems were analogue, but they paved the way for today’s bewildering choice of television transmission technologies that now includes cable, satellite, digital … Read more