Building trust and policing for the present – Martin McGuinness and George Hamilton at #feile15

Around 400 people filled the assembly hall of St Mary’s University College to hear deputy First Minster Martin McGuinness and PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton discuss the challenges of dealing with the past under the eye of chair Brian Rowan. Another 100 or more stood along the pavement outside St Mary’s protesting at the presence of the Chief Constable in West Belfast and calling for an end to “British internment in Ireland”. A tannoy blasted music over the railing towards … Read more

Whatever you do don’t mess with the Press Office…

In an interview with Diana Rusk in the Irish News on Wednesday, Noel Thompson had some interesting comments to make on the tetchiness less of politicians, than of their minders and their press officers. We haven’t been able to get Martin McGuinness for months now – in fact since the interview I did before his presidential campaign,” he said. I wouldn’t care to say whether or not Mr McGuinness himself has said I am not doing Hearts and Minds, because … Read more

“It is irresponsible to make ill-informed comments about areas which are not your responsibility.”

As DC noted in the comments zone of Brian’s post on our special little pleaders, the Northern Ireland Secretary of State Owen Paterson made an interesting pitch during the Conservative Conference fringe event on NI today. With a number of NI Executive ministers present, Owen Paterson argued that the “British taxpayer should not continue to subsidise segregation” in NI, and he highlighted segregated education here as a particular example of “a criminal waste of public money”. Speaking to UTV in Birmingham after the event NI … Read more