Some professional PR wouldn’t go amiss

So the #GE17 campaign continues and I’ve a note in my diary to vote on 8 June. I’ve got a dose of electionitis – it’s all a bit dull to be honest. However, I have noticed some Parties and people having a some communications issues. There has been more than one amateurish error made. Political PR is one of those seemingly dark areas. It’s easy to label Party comms people as spin doctors, with the implication that it’s all misinformation … Read more

“This has been custom and practice, I have just put it in writing.”

Apparently, 161 publicly-funded press officers are not sufficient to keep Northern Ireland’s troublesome press pack in check…  The Belfast Telegraph has gotten hold of a “confidential memo” [not yet online] from the NI Minister of Culture, Sinn Féin’s Carál Ní Chuilín, to the various arms-length bodies (ALBs) within the department’s remit setting out “a proposed media communications protocol”.  From the BBC report DCAL said the objective was to promote best practice in communication and to ensure that the media and the public were … Read more