Phoenix from the flames. How should we redevelop Belfast City Centre? Free event: Tue 30th October 2018…

The recent fire at Primark has caused a reported 30% fall in shoppers in Belfast City Centre. Many people are asking how do we revitalise our city centre? Where is the place for smaller retailers? How do you encourage people to live in the city centre? What about services like schools, doctors, parks etc? How do you make a city centre that is livable and attractive to visit? To discuss these and other questions we will have a panel of … Read more

Belfast’s Historic Bank Buildings gutted by fire #Primark

One of Belfast most iconic buildings, commonly known as ‘the Bank Buildings’ at Castle Street, now operating as a Primark store, faces an uncertain future after being gutted by a fire which started at approximately 11.00 a.m. this morning. According to the BBC: About 100 firefighters are at the scene and the roof and some floors have collapsed There are no reports of any injuries and it is not yet clear how the fire started. The fire service said the … Read more