Dealing with alcohol – how the ambulance service picks up the pieces…

We get the inside track from a serving paramedic… Given that we are now over the festive season but still very much in the grip of the annual winter pressures it was interesting to read the article by the Chief Executive of NHS England regarding drunk tanks (officially Alcohol Intoxication Management Services, Safe Havens or Alcohol Treatment Centres), as well as the associated social media reaction. Winter is traditionally a time when we see an increase in ambulance call-outs and hospital admissions … Read more

An honest discussion about the A-Word (Alcoholism)

Following the recent death of Charles Kennedy, the former leader of the LibDem political party, two remarkable things happened. Firstly, all the tributes that I’ve read were nothing less than complimentary about him. It’s often necessary to ‘read between the lines’ of such political accolades to discover what the writer really thought of the subject; but this just doesn’t apply here. Gerry Lynch referred to him on Slugger, here, and mentioned Alistair Campbell’s blog piece (here). Now, I’ve never been … Read more